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Francis Searchlights Limited have designed and manufactured innovative, high quality and competitive lighting products since 1901. The Company has achieved a Worldwide reputation of the highest standard.

We sell Francis Searchlights products for military and civil applications, long distance and controllable light sources. Francis products are one of the most successful brands in the field with their body design and performance. It is possible to find suitable products in different types and strengths.

a1a litle_range FR_range_photo Voyager2 xenon-range metalhalide-range
High Power LED Range Halogen Litle Range Halogen FR Range Voyager Range Xenon Range Metal Halide Range
suez-range signaling_Range solas_range vehicle_range archi_range a1b
Suez Canal Searchlight Signalling Range SOLAS Products Vehicle Lighting Specialized Products Lamps
Area of Application:
Marine and Land Vehicles Security and Control
Military and Civilian Vessels Border Security
Coastguard Vessels Perimeter Security
Mercantile and Private Vessels Guard Towers
Armoured Vehicles Military and Civilian Areas
Police Vehicles Airports
Long Distance Lighting

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