Electronic Component

We supply and sell all brands and kinds of electronic components from domestic and international suppliers independently from the minimum order quantities. We offer alternative solutions to the vendor in Turkey for the products you need.

Generally, working on active components, our company is able to supply a large number of products at the given target prices. It achieves the success of supplying the originals or equivalent of out-of-production components and military type products from the stock or provide it as soon as possible, with our powerful logistics resources and the trust we provide to our great suppliers.

We can manufacture components according to the specifications of the demanded or out-of-production materials.

Integrated Potentiometers
Relays Transistors
Converters RF Components
Mosfets Diode
Display Power Module
Passive Components Button / Switch
Konvertörler Güç_Modülleri Diyot Mosfetler RF_Komponentler
Converter Potentiometers Diode Mosfets RF Componentes
Güç_Modülleri Display Transtörler Entegreler
Power Modules Display Potentiometers Integrated
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